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How to become a member?

1) Complete and sign the application form

2) Attach to the form an overview of the company explaining its activities or interests in this sector

3) Append two letters of recommendation or nomination from current premier members of the Association and the bios of the partners.

4) Attach a copy of the updated agreement 

5) Forward this documentation to the ABVCAP headquarters at  Av. Nilo Peçanha nº 50 room 2901 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - 20020-906  RJ, Brazil, for the attention of:  Ângela Ximenes

6) Supported by the necessary documentation, the application to join is examined by the ABVCAP Deliberative Board


Member Categories

Premier Member

Investment managers with Brazilian or international funds, international entities related to enterprise capital structures in Brazil or elsewhere in the world, in addition to corporations with funds allocated to Venture Capital and  Private Equity models.

Associate Member

Market institutions whose activities are related to investments in this sector, including service-providers offering support for deals and businesses typically undertaken by full members, investors and target companies; institutional investors who allocate funds through channels under outsourced management, in addition to the target companies funded through these channels.

Full Member

New fund managers seeking financing for their first fund, potential PREMIER members in the future, that are eager to join this community right from the start. This is a temporary category prior to joining as a PREMIER  Member, during a period that may not last longer than four years.


Institutional investors that invest through vehicles under management of third-persons as well as development and multilateral agencies, development banks which Bylaws include the possibility of investing in seed, venture capital or private equity funds or in any other investment vehicle in this sector.



  • Political and Institutional Representativity
This Association is acknowledged in Brazil and internationally as the entity representing the Brazilian PE/VC industry, with its members including some of the leading names in this field. It reaches out to regulators and government entities at all levels, in addition to the Legislative Branch, calling for a context that is increasingly more attractive for investments in this segment. 

  • Relationship with the Brazilian and international Private Equity & Venture Capital community
Through organizing events and supporting Brazilian and international occasions that are carefully selected and tightly directed, this Association offers its members close interaction with the entire community involved in the PE/VC industry in Brazil and elsewhere in the world (managers, investors, service providers, etc.) generating a context of close, constant networking. The Agreement with APEX encompasses initiatives designed to showcase the PE/VC industry, attracting international investors over the next two years. Members signing the Deed of Adhesion to the APEX Agreement will have exclusive access to a hotsite, shared with international investors interested in Brazil, allowng them to interact and post their uptake proposals. 

  • Member Directory
ABVCAP Directory (Diretório da Indústria Brasileira de Private Equity e Venture Capital – Membros ABVCAP), available in Portuguese and English, serve as a source of information to be consulted by everyone interested in this sector, distributed to members of the Association and leading Brazilian and international investors engaged ABVCAP initiatives. Detailed profiles of its members is presented in this Directory, which will be updated every year.

  • Discounts at Association and Partner Events
In addition to events organized exclusively for ABVCAP members, this Association organizes the annual ABVCAP Congress, which attracted 500 attendees this year, becoming the largest private equity and venture capital event among the emerging countries. The Association members are offered special attendance conditions with substantial discounts for this congress, as well as places at workshops and themed breakfasts organized by the Association. Moreover, specialized publications on this sector are offered through partnerships and with media support, in addition to discounts at events of interest to the industry held in Brazil and in several other countries. 

  • Committees and Work Groups
The Association members are invited to participate in the executive committees and work groups that advise the Deliberative Board of the Association, for drafting new directives, tightening up the regulations, heightening international exposure and encouraging entrepreneurism and innovation, in addition to other institutional initiatives, through direct contributions.

  • Institutional exposure of member
The Association publicity channels are open to its members for disclosing institutional news items, events, studies, publications and other matters. These channels include a fortnightly newsletter, a website and a monthly column in a large-circulation journal, reaching out to some 15,000 readers interested in this sector. When joining the Association, a profile of each new member is forwarded to all ABVCAP members.

  • Access to updated data on the private equity and venture capital industry 
The Association has just set up a database on this sector, updated every quarter, to which members will have top-priority access through the new ABVCAP website.


Membership Fees

1) Joining Fee: lump sum, worth the same as the annual fee pf the corresponding category, to be paid within the month of the approval of the application by the Board of Directors;

2) Annual Fee: depends on the type of membership, as shown in the following Table, payable in the month subsequent to the approval by the Board of Directors on a pro rata ano basis. Annual fee, as per request, can be divided in quarterly payments


 Annual Fee (BRL) ¹

Quartely Payment (BRL) ²

 Categories based on committed capital under management on December 31,  2016

 Up to R$ 20 million 5.600,00   1.400,00 
 R$ 20,000,001 to R$ 50 million 7.000,00    1.750,00 
 R$ 50,000,001 to R$ 100 million 8.400,00   2.100,00 
 R$ 100,000,001 to R$ 200 million 10.180,00   2.545,00 
 R$ 200,000,001 to R$ 500 million 12.600,00   3.600,00 
 R$ 500,000,001 to R$ 1 billion 14.640,00   3.660,00 
 More than R$ 1 billion 16.800,00   4.200,00 


 NATURAL PERSON 1.380,00 345,00
 With up to 20  employees in Brazil 2.900,00 750,00
 Between 21 to 50  employees in Brazil 5.100,00 1.275,00
 With over 50 employees  in Brazil 9.260,00



Up to R$ 20 million 5.600,00  1.400,00 
 R$ 20,000,001 to R$ 50 million 7.000,00 1.750,50  
 R$ 50,000,001 to R$ 100 million  8.400,00 2.100,00
 R$ 100,000,001 to R$ 200 million10.180,00  2.545,00 
 R$ 200,000,001 to R$ 500 million 12.600,00  3.150,00 
 R$ 500,000,001 to R$ 1 billion  14.640,003.660,00 
 More than R$ 1 billion 16.800,00 4.200,00


 4.200,00 1.050,00

(1)    Annual Fee could be split in quartely payment

(2)    Division of the annual contribution in quartely paymentsDivisão dos valores da contribuição anual para aqueles que optarem pelo seu parcelamento em trimestralidades.


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